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Core Values:

  • Ensuring immediate pet health improvements such as allergy relief and digestive wellness through premium nutrition.
  • Transparency in our products with a clear, understandable composition.
  • Prioritizing product quality over quantity, with conveniently sized packages to eliminate the need for refreezing.
  • Offering real, nutritious food instead of filler-heavy meals at premium prices.
  • Catering to the dietary needs of both cats and dogs with specialized recipes.
  • Supporting local production for swift delivery to our customers.
  • Providing variety with our two distinct lines: raw and gently cooked, to satisfy even the pickiest of pets.

Why Is Our Food Special?

At our company, we stand out in the pet food industry for numerous reasons, all centered around our commitment to the health and happiness of your pets. Here’s why our natural food options for cats and dogs are truly special:

Expert Formulation: Our recipes aren't just crafted; they're meticulously developed with the involvement of veterinary professionals. This ensures that every meal is not only delicious but also nutritionally optimized for your pet's well-being.

Natural Additives Only: We believe in the power of nature, which is why our food contains only natural additives like eggshells for calcium and dried seaweed for essential vitamins and minerals. This approach guarantees that your pets receive their nutrients in the most natural form possible.

Optimal Nutritional Balance: Achieving the perfect balance of nutrients is an art, and we've perfected it. Our foods are designed to provide the best proportions of proteins, fats, and essential nutrients, maintaining this delicate balance with the guidance of veterinary nutrition experts.

Veterinarian-Approved: Every product we offer has been vetted and approved by veterinarians, ensuring that your pet receives a diet that supports their overall health and specific nutritional needs.

Convenience in Packaging: We understand that your life is busy, and convenience matters. That's why our food comes in perfectly portioned packages, eliminating the need to store leftovers. Each pack is designed for one feeding, making it easy to take your pet's meals on the go, whether you're heading to the park or on a road trip.

Carbohydrate-Free Recipes: Recognizing that cats and dogs have a protein-fat oriented digestive system, our food is completely free of unnecessary carbohydrates like cereals and pasta. This ensures that your pet gets exactly what they need for energy and health, without the fillers they don't.

Our commitment to natural, balanced, and veterinarian-approved nutrition sets us apart, making us the go-to choice for pet owners who want the very best for their furry family members.

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Product information

Feed % of your cat's ideal weight according to the age and activity of your cat.

Age % Wildfood per day Feeding frequency
up to 6 months 10-12 % no limits per day
6-12 months 7-9 % 2-3 times per day
1 year and older 2-3 % 2 times per day
  • If your cat has high activity, take a higher percentage of body weight per day.
  • Experiment with the percentage, but do not exceed the maximum rate to avoid overeating and problems with being overweight.
  • Feed defrosted at room temperature and refrigerate unused portions. Don't use a microwave oven to defrost food.


We have a local delivery:

Miami, Coral Gables, Kendall, Miami Beach, Miami Shores, Hialeah, Doral, Sunny Isles, Hollywood, Aventura, Hallandale, North Miami Beach, Bal Harbour, Miami Gardens, Fort Lauderdale.

We will contact you to arrange a delivery time. It's important that you are at home and able to receive the order, as it requires storage in a freezer

Also we ship all of our products via USPS and UPS within Florida.

Enjoy free shipping on your order.

Frozen orders are shipped using dry ice in insulated boxes to ensure that the food remains frozen all the way to your door. Please do not handle dry ice with bare hands and ensure it is kept away from your pets at all times.

Our shipping days are Monday and Tuesday.

If you are not from Miami and you placed an order from Tuesday to Sunday, it will be shipped on Monday.

Your order will be delivered within 2-3 business days from the date of shipment. Shipping and delivery times vary depending on the order date and delivery location.

If your order arrives slightly thawed (but still cool), simply place everything back in your freezer to refreeze. There is nothing wrong with thawing and refreezing meat for pet food.

Unfortunately, at the moment, we only shipping within Florida as our warehouse is located in Miami. The cost of shipping to distant states is prohibitively high and not feasible, as dry ice keeps the food cold for up to two days. However, we are working towards being able to ship healthy food to all animals across America, and as soon as we are able to deliver, we will notify you immediately.


Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that orders will arrive fully frozen. By purchasing our products, you acknowledge that Wildfood cannot guarantee the product will be fully frozen upon delivery. While we do our best to pack your order with sufficient coolant for transit time, we cannot control the shipping carriers. If your order arrives slightly thawed, simply place everything back in your freezer to refreeze. There is nothing wrong with thawing and refreezing meat for pet food.

If you receive an order that has been damaged during transit, please notify us within 24 hours of delivery. Kindly photograph the box and the damage before taking any further action with the order. WE REQUIRE THESE PHOTOS TO FILE A CLAIM WITH UPS (USPS). We will then contact the carrier and inform you about the next steps to resolve the issue.


What should we do?
  1. Start feeding your pet with their usual food twice a day, with a 12-hour interval. No more free access to dry food!
  2. Feed defrosted at room temperature.
  3. Start slowly, introducing only 25 % of the Wildfood with the old food.
  4. Increase the amount of Wildfood, mixing with your pet`s old food.

Follow this schedule in the following days:

  • Days 1-3: 25% Wildfood + 75 % old food
  • Days 4-6: 50% Wildfood + 50 % old food
  • Days 7-9: 75% Wildfood + 25 % old food
  • Day 10: 100% Wildfood

Store the thawed open packet in the refrigerator for no more than up to 48 hours.

portion of food

After transitioning to Gently cooked mixes, you can gradually switch to Raw Mixes following the same process.

A pet may eat their regular food and not touch Wildfood - that's normal. The goal is to make Wildfood familiar to the pet in terms of consistency and smell. Be patient, please.

Remember the ultimate goal - you want your pet to be healthy and live a long life with you.

The main thing is not to give up and not to abandon everything halfway. Our pets, like us, cannot quickly give up fast food, sweets, and other harmful products on the way to a healthy diet.

Your task is to help them adapt and get used to the new healthy food because proper nutrition is the key to a long life.

Pets love it so much

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