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Why Wildfood is healthy food?

Wildfood is based on the predatory model of hunting, where predators in the wild feed on natural, unprocessed foods without carbohydrates, preservatives, and flavor enhancers. Predators have a protein-fat metabolism. Wildfood provides proteins, fats, and fiber in raw form for better digestion or gently cooked for pets who are not ready to switch to raw food immediately after years of eating dry kibble. We cook Wildfood at low temperatures to preserve all the beneficial nutrients to the maximum.

What's the difference between Raw and Gently cooked?

If your pet is eating dry food or canned food you need to use Gently cooked MIXes.

If your pet has been on a raw food diet, you can confidently buy RAW Mixes.

For more detailed information on transitioning to a healthy food diet, read here: 

Why don't we add grains, legumes, sweet potatoes, and potatoes?

All of these ingredients would make the food cheaper, but cats and dogs are predators; they can only digest and absorb proteins and fats, which are their primary sources of nutrients. Carbohydrates disrupt the gut microbiome, hinder the absorption of necessary substances, lower immunity, and can be the cause of developing diabetes. That's why we now have so many pets with sensitive digestion and gastrointestinal diseases that have been raised on industrial pet foods for generations.

As a valuable source of fiber for digestion in dog mixes, we use vegetables.

Cat mixes contain 1% psyllium, which has no taste or smell and is more suitable for cats, who are more picky eaters than dogs.

Why is Wildfood more expensive?

Most well-known pet food manufacturers use by-products from the meat industry, ground tendons, bones, preservatives, grains, and flavor enhancers in their production.

More expensive brands may use higher-quality meat ingredients but add a large amount of peas, chickpeas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, quinoa, rice, or corn to make the product cheaper and more calorie-dense.

To produce Wildfood, we use only meat, organs such as heart, stomach, kidneys, liver, and necks (only for Raw MIXes), salmon, vegetables, and natural supplements for a complete balance of essential nutrients. All the ingredients are of human-grade quality, which you could eat yourself.

Meat is not cheap
; just look at the price of 1 lb of meat in the supermarket and compare it with the price of pet food. How can a pet food that should consist of meat be so cheap?

How much food does my pet need per day?

Feed % of your pet's ideal weight according to the age and activity.

  • For adult dogs: 2-3 % Wildfood per each lb of body weight per day. Divide it into 2 meals.
  • For puppies up to 12 months: 10 % Wildfood per each lb of body weight per day. Divide it into 3-5 meals.
  • For adult cats: 3-5 % Wildfood per each lb of body weight per day. Divide it into 2 meals.
  • For kittens up to 12 months: 10-12% Wildfood per each lb of body weight per day. Divide it into 3-5 meals.

Feel free to write us if you have any doubts, we will help you.

More information about Daily Feeding Guidelines here:

What are the delivery terms and where do you deliver?

We have a local delivery:

Miami, Coral Gables, Kendall, Miami Beach, Miami Shores, Hialeah, Doral, Sunny Isles, Hollywood, Aventura, Hallandale, North Miami Beach, Bal Harbour, Miami Gardens, Fort Lauderdale

We deliver from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 9 pm.

Sunday - we don’t deliver.

You can choose a time slot for delivery

  • 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
  • 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
  • 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Free delivery for orders over 50 $. For orders under $50 - delivery is 10 $.

We will soon launch delivery to all the states, follow updates on our Instagram to stay informed and not miss out.

Do I need to add any supplements?

No, Wildfood mixes are fully balanced and they do not require any additional supplements.

But, we recommend diversifying your pet's diet with raw chicken or quail eggs 2-3 times a week, depending on the size of your pet.

Why is my pet drinking less water and having fewer bowel movements? Is this normal?

Yes, this is normal on a healthy diet. Commercial pet food is dehydrated, so pets are forced to drink a lot to avoid dehydration. Raw and Gently cooked food contains about 70% water, so they get most of their liquid from food.

The pet's stool on a healthy diet becomes smaller in volume, has a less sharp smell, and its regularity is usually once every few days. This is actually evidence of proper digestive tract function; natural food is well digested and well absorbed by the animal's body, unlike commercial pet food, which contains many vegetable proteins that the predator's body cannot digest and absorb, so the animal's stool on such a diet is much larger, has a more pungent smell, and occurs more often.